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Aluminium Copper Evaporation Pellets

Brand :Xinkang

Product origin :Hunan,China

Delivery time :1-3 weeks

Supply capacity :1-2 tons / month

Evaporation is a common method of thin-film deposition. The source material is heated and evaporated in a vacuum. 

The vacuum allows vapor particles to travel directly to the substrate, where they deposit solid thin films. 

Because of relatively simple equipment & technology, and very pure thin films can be obtained, evaporation technology are widely used in semiconductor, electronic, optics and packaging fields.

We supply a lot of high purity metals evaporation materials with various shapes, no matter for R&D or mass production, if you have demands, pls contact us to learn more details


Materials: AlCu 99.5/0.5wt%, AlCu 99/1.0wt%, AlCu 98/2wt%, AlCu 1-10wt%

Purity: 4N, 5N

Available Shape: pellets, cones, cubes

Size: 6mm dia. x 6mm long, 6.0mm dia. x 8.0mm long, 10 x 10 x 10mm, or as per your request

Package: 1000g/bag

Lead time: within 15 days, No MOQ required

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