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Silicon Carbide Granules

Brand :Xinkang

Product origin :Hunan,China

Delivery time :1-3 weeks

Supply capacity :1-2 tons / month

Optical coating is one or several thin film material deposited on an optical component such as a lens or mirror, to create interference effects used to enhance the components’ transmission or reflection properties. The performance of an optical coating is dependent upon the number of layers, the thickness of the individual layers, and the refractive index difference at the layer interfaces. We supply various optical coating materials for the application of anti-feflection (AR) coatings, high reflective (Mirror) coatings, filter coatings, transparent conductive coating, and etc...Available shapes can be granules (1-10mm), tablets, cubes, or per your request. To learn more information, pls feel free to contact us.


MaterialsChemical FormulaPurity (%)Available Shapes
Silicon Carbide SiC99.5Granules, tablets

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